Wednesday 25th March - Spanish lesson

Hola a todos!  (Hello everyone!)  It's Miss Leyland here!   And what a sunny day it looks here!   In Spanish to say it's sunny we say hace sol.   Have a look out of the window.  Is it sunny where you are?  If it is, then say hace sol.

(If it's not sunny in Spanish you would say No hace sol.)  Hope you have the sunshine shining in the room whereever you are, as I always love it when hace sol and everywhere in the house looks so much brighter.

Today's quiz    (on yesterday's words)

Yesterday I asked you to learn four words.  If you missed yesterday's lesson, then either look at the page marked Tuesday 24th March, then do the quiz, or skip this quiz

How do you say the following in English?

1) el tigre

   a)  the monkey      b) the tiger     c) the lion      d) the elephant

2) el elefante

   a)  the monkey      b) the tiger     c) the lion      d) the elephant

3) el mono

   a) the monkey      b) the tiger     c) the lion      d) the elephant

4) el león

   a)  the monkey      b) the tiger     c) the lion      d) the elephant

Today I would like you to learn these four words.

Shall we do some actions as we say the words?  That would be fun, wouldn't it?

El loro means the parrot.  So say el loro 3 times as you flap your wings.

La serpiente means the snake, so say la serpiente 3 times as you move your hands like a snake.

La jirafa means the giraffe, so raise your hands high in the air and say la jirafa (as giraffes are very tall, aren't they?)

El oso means the bear.  So make a claw action with your right hand as you say 3 times el oso.

Check in google how to say la jirafa in Spanish as it's hard for English people to guess how this word is said by simply looking at it.  In the google search bar type "the giraffe in Spanish" and click on the sound icon.

Yesterday's answers

Who's hiding behind the bushes?

a) el elefante      b) el león       c) el mono        d) el tigre

Can you help the zoo keeper?

Hay ocho monos

Hay cinco elefantes

Hay tres leones

Hay cuatro tigres

Activities for today

On a piece of paper or in a book, try drawing the four animals, and write the Spanish word for each animal by your picture.   If you want to, you can also draw and write in Spanish the four animals we learnt yesterday.

For those of us who have someone else at home with whoom they can play a game,

for example, either a brother, sister or parent:

Take turns to do an action for one of the 4 animals you are learning today, and the other person has to say the animal in Spanish.   Decide together on whether you want to include yesterday's animals too.

¡Hasta mañana!        (See you tomorrow!)

(The ñ is like an ny sound)

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