Baking ingredients - lesson 1

Today we are learning how to say 4 ingredients we commonly use in baking!

If you like cooking, to say in Spanish I like cooking you would say Me gusta cocinar. 

Here is the Spanish for 4 things we commonly we use in baking:

la farina - flour

la mantequilla - butter

(It sounds like “la mantey-key-a”)

el azúcar - sugar

(it sounds like “el athucar”)

los huevos - eggs


Can you rearrange the letters to discover the Spanish word?

1) la     a n a r i f

2) el    c a z ú r a

3) la    q u n t i l l a e a m

4) los   u h e v o s

Answers in baking ingredients lesson 2!

With these ingredients you could make a delicious cake! A cake in Spanish is una tarta, and a small cake is un pastel.

Today why don’t you make a poster, drawing a big cake on it and writing in Spanish una tarta.

Then next to the cake write a title of ingredientes (that’s ingredients in Spanish), and write the four ingredients in Spanish underneath that you have learnt in baking ingredients - lesson 1.

Baking ingredients - lesson 2

Answers to the puzzle from lesson 1:

1) la farina
2) el azúcar
3) la mantequilla
4) los huevos

Quiz (on the words from lesson 1)

How do you say the following in Spanish?

  1) the eggs

a) la farina   b) el azúcar    c) la mantequilla     d) los huevos

2) the flour

a) la farina   b) el azúcar    c) la mantequilla     d) los huevos

3) the butter

a) la farina   b) el azúcar    c) la mantequilla     d) los huevos

4) the sugar
a) la farina   b) el azúcar    c) la mantequilla     d) los huevos

Today we are learning 4 more ingredients you may use in cooking:

la margarina - margarine

la sal - salt

la mermelada - jam

el chocolate - chocolate


Can you fill in the missing letters?

 1) la   s _ l

2) el   c h _ c _ l _ t _

3) la   m e r m _ _ a _ _

4) la   m a r g _ _ i _ _

Answers in Baking ingredients lesson 3!

Try to learn these words.     There are many ways of learning new words.

One way is to write these four words in a list, with the Spanish on one side, and the English on the other side. Look at the words for a while, then test yourself by covering up one side with a piece of paper and looking at the other side as you try to remember the words. You can move the piece of paper to check the words you have learnt as you go down the list.

Mucha suerte - Good luck!

Baking ingredients - lesson 3

Answers to the puzzle in lesson 2:

 1) la sal
2) el chocolate

3) la mermelada
4) la margarina

So far we have have learnt the words for 8 ingredients which are often used in baking:


Which ingredients are the following colours?:


 1) blanco (white)

2) marrón (brown)

3) amarillo (yellow)

4) rojo (red)

A little bit of grammar ...

In Spanish, some words are masculine words (boy words) and some words are female words (feminine words).  It doesn't mean that the words are either for boys or for girls.  What it is important to note though is that whether the word is feminine or masculin will effect which word for "the" is used.  

Have you noticed that some of the words start with el, and some start with la, and one of the words starts with los?

El is the masculine (boy) way of saying the, when there is just one thing.

Los is the masculine (boy) way of saying the, when there is a few things.

La is the feminine (girl) way of saying the, when there is just one thing.

Today's challenge is for you to make a list of all the masculine words, and all the feminine words.   I've done the first few for you:

Masculine  words

el azúcar

los huevos

Feminine  words

la farina

Answers will be given in baking ingredients lesson 4

Baking ingredients - lesson 4

Answers to the colour quiz from lesson 4:

(Put at tick if you got at least one of the following)

1) blanco - el azúcar, la farina, la sal
2) marrón - el chocolate
3) amarillo - la margarina, la mantequilla
4) rojo - la mermelada

Answers to a little bit of grammar from lesson 4

Here are the words that are masculine in the blue box, and the words that are feminine are in the pink box:

Masculine  words

el azúcar

el chocolate

los huevos

Feminine  words

la farina

la sal

la margarina

la mantequilla

la mermelada

Today we are going to be learning some more Spanish words for things used in baking.  Have a look at this list:

el agua  - water                       la leche - milk

And here are some popular things people bake;

la tarta -the cake

la tortilla - the omelette

el pan - the bread

las galletas - biscuits

In Spanish the double l in a Spanish word sounds like a y sound.   So La tortilla (the omelette) would sound like "la tort-ee-ya" and las galletas (the biscuits) would sound like "las guy-et-as".

Today, to practise the new words you could make a poster on some paper with a drawing of each item, with the Spanish word next to it.

Try and learn these words for lesson 5.

Baking ingredients - lesson 5

Today we are going to think about what ingredients we would need to bake 4 different things!   Ingredientes is the Spanish word for ingredients.

Have a look at what ingredients are need for the four things, then answer the questions that follow.  The answers are at the bottom of the page!

La tarta    (cake)


la farina

la mantequilla

el azúcar

los huevos

la tortilla  (omelette)


los huevos

la leche

el pan  (bread)


el agua

la farina

la mantequilla

el azúcar

la sal

la levadura (yeast)

las galletas   (biscuits)


la farina

la mantequilla

el azúcar


Have a look at the ingredients needed to bake la tarta (cake), el pan (bread), la tortilla (omelette) and las galletas (biscuits), then answer the questions:

 1) What can you bake if you have flour, butter, sugar and eggs?

2) What can you make if you just have eggs and milk?

3) What can you bake if you don't have any eggs?

4) What can you bake if you don't have any milk?

5) What can you bake if you have flour, butter and sugar?

Answers are at the bottom of the page......


Here are the answers to today's puzzle:

1) la tarta

2) la tortilla

3) el pan / las galletas

4) la tarta / el pan / las galletas

5) las galletas

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