Cool Kids Speak German is an ideal series teaching German to children in a fun and engaging way. With 6 interesting topics in each book, Cool Kids Speak German makes learning fun. Each topic starts with a picture page showing all the words for that topic. These words are then practised, and sentences are built. Each topic ends with a fun word search. Suggested age range 7 - 11 years.

Cool Kids Speak German Book 1 - topics include: Greetings, Numbers, Fruit, Colours, Clothes, Transport

ISBN 9781912771752

Number of pages: 50 Size in inches: 8.5 x 11 x 0.1 Size in cm: 21.6 x 27.9 x 0.3

The author of this book is Joanne Leyland, a qualified teacher with almost 20 years experience in teaching languages to children.

Cool Kids Publishing Group specialises in books teaching children languages. 

The language choices available are:

French                      Italian                      Spanish                    German

English as a foreign language

Registered address:

Cool Kids Publishing Group Ltd

Maghull Business Centre, 

1 Liverpool Road North,  Maghull, 

Merseyside  L31 2HB, 

United Kingdom

email address:


Company Number   11298422 

Registered in England 

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